Mind Crash

by Mind Crash

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Recorded, mixed and mastered in May 2012 by Juan Carlos at Trashzone Studio in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Catalunya.

Aaron: bass/vocals
Izzy: vocals
Magu: drums
Will: guitar/vocals

Artwork by Papada

LP AVAILABLE IN MARCH 2013 at Brewed / Crit De Fástic / Eastrain / Eating Shit / Grita O Muere / Hysterical / Inxausti / Kremón / Little Jan's Hammer / Muerte A Tipo / Resisto Luego Existo


released March 18, 2013


all rights reserved



Mind Crash Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Hardcore Punk

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Track Name: Reality Check
Believe in god
Pay for heaven
Life ain’t better
Just by praying
All the lives that religion took
For a couple of words in a book

Can’t realize
You are going through life
With closed eyes
I want to see you die

Believe the priest
You oppress the women
Even with rape you are anti-abortion
All the lives that your god took
For fake beliefs and macho rules

Pray, Die, You can’t realize
Pray, Die, Open your fucking eyes
Track Name: Break The Chains
Modern imprisonment
Closed cell
Chain on my ankles
Can I call this life
The world’s weight on my shoulders
Just need to run away

Because I can’t take it anymore
I need to break out of this society
Where friendship depends on what you are
Where freedom is as fake as TV

I think I am going mad
The fake promises you always had
Looking around nothing changes
Same faces same lies

I am sick of your blindness
Break the chains
Can’t stand your fakeness
Break the chains
Track Name: Citizens
All your lies in plastic
Following your master
Consuming for their gladness
Just to die faster
And you are all walking backwards

Dead citizens

Millions starve today
You don’t care anyway
Your mind is under control
You are the reason of the world’s decay
And you are all slaves for your pay
Track Name: Prefabricated Life
Wake up in the morning
Put water in your face
Drag your ass to work
Drink that coffee that made you shit
You are all out of cigs
And there is traffic on the streets
Pushing through the robots of
This shit life.
They don’t know
Why they wake up so early
If they say it’s not about the money
They will realize too late that their life is lost
Prefabricated life is not the life I want

Don't you think I am goddamn right?
Don't you think you are goddamn wrong?
You pretend being so bright
I will cut your fucking tongue

Poor sheeps on the hook
They see but they don’t look
They are all in line
Prefabricated life

I will never work again
And make my life a living hell
I will never be in line
Track Name: No Escape
Can’t seem to get out
Of your everyday madness
Can’t run faster than your blindness
Stop trying to convince me, I’VE HAD IT
I will never follow your fucking rules
I will never follow your steps
Because everywhere I look, THERE'S NO ESCAPE

Never wanted your fake comfort
Your fake smiles your fake lives
Run to the highest top, burn it down and let it drop

I know there’s no escape
We must seek our own way
Someday you’ll find your own fucking way
Track Name: Skate And Mosh
Showing up to the gig
Board under my feet
Boneless the amp
Ollie the drums
Elbows held high
Getting wrecked for fun
Just another wasted night
Never old always a brat
Get ready for the pogo attack

Let’s skate
And mosh
No hate
Blood loss
Track Name: Best For Me
All these years growing up
Never felt in my place
Just to see how you act
Makes me sick

Why do you think
You know what is best for me
When you never look around
Just leave me alone

You thought I would fall in line
I heard it too many times
You told me I would change
Someday I'd forget the pain
But this world won’t get better
Just shut your mouth
And leave me alone
Track Name: Mind Crash
Still fucked up
Don’t remember much
I am sinking and sinking
I can’t see, I can’t think
My mind crashed
I can’t speak or feel
Again I am to smashed
This world is it real?
All I want to do is take away this mind crash

Don’t know what I am doing
I am lost every night
Too young to be bored
It’s my life it’s my plight
Every fucking Sunday
I wish I never met
What you call booze
I call it Sunday death
All I want to do is take away this mind crash

This time I stop!
Its Monday again
I am feeling like shit
Next weekend the same
Track Name: Metro Pigs
You think you are so right
You think you are so strong
Shove your job up your ass
And leave me alone.

So proud of your job
Got a ticket again
I won't pay the metro
This shit will it end

I think you are so lame
I think you are so wrong
You fucking probably
Beat your wife at home

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